About WACRIA College

Founded in 2017, WACRIA College encourages the formation of student groups at middle, high schools and universities and is committed to developing these groups as a way of encouraging students to invest in the African woman and child.

WACRIA College provides a platform for advocacy through social actions and the Arts with a strong emphasis on education, health and human rights. The college chapter will offer thought provoking and interactive programs throughout the school year that highlights the contributions of African women and children, hosts fundraisers to support existing initiatives and fosters partnerships with global and local NGOs that are aligned with our mission all while giving back to their local community.

WACRIA College gives prominence to activities that reassure progression in education, health, and human rights and embrace African culture through artistic areas such as visual and performing arts, creative writing, story-telling and scholarship.


Led by Sabrina Archer, WACRIA at the University at Albany is the first collegiate chapter of WACRIA Foundation. Tap the image to view the gallery.